Interbanks Payment Systems

Strategy advice covering Automated Clearing House / Giro payment systems, Faster Payment Systems and cross border remittances

Edgar, Dunn & Company is a recognized thought leader in the field interbank and cross-border payments.

Interbank payment systems have been going through major changes with the global advent of Faster Payments based on a global ISO 20022 standard. As both Europe/SEPA and the US market are striving to introduce Faster Payment systems in the near future this will have a profound impact on local and global money movement and will lead to increased competition between the different providers of payment rails. Competition and open access to the rails assured by regulators globally will likely lead to a plethora of innovations in customer facing services, from extra speed of payment to data driven services supported by the increased data capacity of ISO 20022.

EEdgar, Dunn & Company offers an unparalleled combination of strategic insight, knowledge and understanding of interbank payments and the regulations affecting them.

We have completed strategic projects in this field for Central Banks, National Payment Associations as well as commercial enterprises. We have developed national payment plans, designed and established national payment systems and advised many different payment companies on their strategic approach to this rising topic. We have extensive experience from our work on different continents which enables us to understand the global implications of the new payment rails and have developed an unparalleled combination of strategic insight, knowledge and understanding.

Edgar, Dunn & Company advises a diverse set of clients on interbank payments.

Some of our recent assignments include:

  • Supported the development of a Faster Payments Strategy for a global payment scheme
  • Supported the development of a national ACH switch as part of a national payment plan
  • Developed a market entry strategy for a provider of Faster Payment Systems into the US market

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