2nd Feb '17

The Crocodile in The Yangtze – The MoneyGram Acquisition

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Deep Blue Sea Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, was famously cautious about competing head-to-head with the world’s largest [...]

30th Sep '16

Mobey Forum’s Wallet Working Group kick starts a database on wallets

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Digital wallets are back! Many of the early wallet propositions were driven by MNOs and failed to catch on for [...]

19th Jun '16

The New Digital Commerce

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Apps to apathy Websites and point and click menus are designed for computer screens. Client-side applications, or Apps – small [...]

25th May '16

10th Advanced Payment Report 2016 (webinar)

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This 30-minute webinar was co-presented by Samee Zafar, Director at EDC and Michael Brinkmann, EVP Marketing & Partner Management at [...]

12th May '16

The Mobile World Congress 2016

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The Mobile World Congress (MWC) is probably one of the world’s largest industry events - part trade show, part conference, [...]

19th Dec '15

Of Cabbages, Computers, and Things

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“The time has come,” the Walrus said; “To talk of many things; Of shoes--and ships--and sealing-wax; Of cabbages--and kings..” These [...]

10th Dec '15

Turkey – Advanced Payments Report

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Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC) and Bankalararasi Kart Merkezi (BKM) - Interbank Card Centre in Turkey – which manages payment [...]

19th Feb '14

From Atoms to Bits: The Digital Age of Money

By | February 19th, 2014|Categories: Mobile & Advanced Payments, News & Articles|Tags: , |

We move to digitize everything, the transition to digital wallets hasn’t been an easy climb. The urge to digitize is [...]

19th Dec '12

The Reinvention of Mobile Payments

By | December 19th, 2012|Categories: Mobile & Advanced Payments, News & Articles|Tags: |

EDC's Samee Zafar explains why mobile payments may now be positioned to gain greater acceptance and replace cash payments in [...]

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