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Strategy advice on payment optimisation tailored to omnichannel merchants and retailers

Edgar, Dunn & Company has long been a trusted advisor to a wide variety of retailers globally.

The life of a multichannel retailer is growing ever more complex. Retailers increasingly have to make strategic decisions about how they accept payments and how they intend to participate in the issuing and processing of a constantly evolving range of payment methods. With new sales channels coming up regularly and old channels changing their requirements, plus technological innovation changing the way consumers shop in-store and online, it is challenging to know where you should focus your payments acceptance strategy.

At Edgar, Dunn & Company, our approach is structured around a proprietary methodology called the 360° Payments Diagnostic.

360° Payments Diagnostic assesses the payment acceptance strategy of retailers to identify and prioritise costs reduction and revenue enhancement opportunities. Through this holistic approach to payments, we are able to facilitate the optimisation of both domestic and cross-border payment acceptance strategies. The 360° Payments Diagnostic encourages the smart use of payment information as a valuable tool, helping to reduce operational costs, improve revenues, engage customers across all channels, regardless of their preferred payment method.

Edgar, Dunn & Company helps merchants and retails reduce costs as well as enhancing customer experiences to increase revenues.

A sample of our experience includes:

  • Optimised gifting solutions for a leading grocery supermarket and department store
  • Assessed financial benefits, implementation requirements, and potential issues related to alternative forms of payment for direct online sales for a major global airline in five countries
  • Conducted an assessment for a global pure online retailer to determine which payment methods across 15 markets should they consider accepting
  • Developed co-brand card program strategy in two major European countries for major consumer brand culminating in managing an RFP to select a card issuing partner

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