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Our industry roundtables offer a unique opportunity to share and exchange ideas with peers in the industry

Edgar, Dunn & Company has been running its highly regarded industry roundtables since 1992.

We run numerous Industry Roundtables across our global footprint, which create a unique forum for the constructive exchange of new ideas and best practices within a given industry. Each Industry Roundtable is composed of senior-level managers from many leading financial institutions, and outside legal counsels are present for all meetings.

Edgar, Dunn & Company runs 7 industry roundtables covering key payments and financial services topics. 

  • US Risk Manager’s Roundtable: Established in 1992, the Risk Managers Roundtable (RMRT) focuses on general purpose consumer card portfolios.
  • US Private Label Roundtable: Established in 1996, the Private Label Roundtable (PLRT) focuses on store card portfolios.
  • US Commercial Card Roundtable: Established in 1998, the Commercial Card Roundtable (CCRT) focuses on small business card portfolios.
  • US Underserved Roundtable: Established in 2007, the Underserved/Underbanked Roundtable (USRT) focuses on financial services to the unbanked and underbanked segments.
  • Touchstone Roundtable: Established in 2009, we run the only European wide benchmarking program for the merchant acquiring industry.
  • US Instalment Lending Roundtable: Established in 2014, the Instalment Lending Roundtable (ILRT) focuses on risk management practices for personal unsecured instalment loans, and includes risk management executives from traditional banks and alternative lending providers.
  • US Fraud Forum: Established in 2016, the Fraud Forum focuses on emerging fraud trends and tactics in online channels.
Participants in Edgar, Dunn & Company’s industry roundtables have a unique opportunity to share and exchange ideas with peers in the industry.

Major benefits of Roundtable membership include:

  • Forum for Collaboration: Opportunity to discuss industry trends and observations and to share ideas and solutions with industry leaders.
  • Peer Benchmarking and Special Surveys: Member-driven data analytics and insight, including proprietary monthly reports comparing key data and performance metrics of each individual organization with that of the entire membership, as well as custom surveys that focus on specific initiatives or business processes.

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