This is the fourth annual EDC retailer survey and payments continue to be a hot topic for retailers, both online and offline at the point of sale.

Today, consumers expect and demand seamless service across all retail channels, regardless of the challenges this poses the retailer.  They expect to be able to shop anywhere, any time and from any location.  On top of this, consumers have become adept in searching for the ideal price and expect multiple, flexible ways in which to complete their transaction. Retailers are expected to meet these demands – regardless of the channel and the payment method the consumer is using.

The modern retailer is expected to be able to offer the answer to all these evolving consumer preferences and deliver these seamless customer experiences.  Retailers have always adapted to the times, the need for convenience initially drove many retailers online, before that, they used television ads, or attracted consumers via newsprint. Todays environment is no different and retailers will need to utilise every channel at their disposal.

Technology will be a critical tool at the disposal of retailers – whether it be by providing enhanced support to customers, seamless visibility of inventory or delivery of cross-channel shopping.