When we look back on 2014, much of what was discussed in last year’s Advanced Payments Report is now taking shape. Traditional and non-traditional payments companies, such as payment networks and handset manufacturers, are collaborating together. Common standards, like tokenisation, are being developed to drive global interoperability; and there is a continued focus on getting the customer experience right.

The 2015 Advanced Payments Report, written by Edgar, Dunn & Company (EDC) and published by Payment Cards and Mobile (PCM), provides comprehensive perspectives to gain a better understanding of the status of the mobile payments industry, including but not limited to:

  • Success factors, drivers and challenges
  • Drivers for merchants and consumers
  • Impacts of technologies, services, data and security on the mobile value proposition

The 2015 Advanced Payments Report is based on a review of the global payments landscape, surveys of payments industry stakeholder opinion, and discussions with more than 590 industry executives and thought leaders from the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.