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Strategy advice covering full spectrum of merchant acquiring and the provision of payment services

Edgar, Dunn & Company has long been a trusted advisor to a wide variety of stakeholders in the merchant acquiring value chain.

The merchant acquiring space is becoming increasingly competitive, complex and specialised. As consumer payment preferences diversify, merchants are eager to support the often alternative payment methods their customers prefer to use, and in the form factor they desire (e.g. mobile, contactless, e-wallet, etc). Merchant demand for specialised value added services (VAS) has increased. This has supported a growing level of specialisation amongst providers who focus on selling a targeted suite of VAS to specific merchant segments. Merchant acquiring has increasingly become a commoditised business, and increased regulatory intervention has raised awareness of merchants’ payment acceptance costs leading to down-market margin pressures. It is becoming a crowded marketplace with third-party value-added service providers, mPOS providers and fintechs all challenging the status quo.

Edgar, Dunn & Company advises diverse set of clients across the globe on merchant acquiring.

Our coverage spans multiple topics and issues. From a strategy perspective, we assist clients expand into new markets and channels, explore and implement new business models, assess acquisition targets and gain regulatory approvals and licences. We also assist business make performance improvements based on performance benchmarking and best practice studies and industry roundtables. We also work with merchants to manage procurement processes and assess and optimise payment acceptance costs. In Europe, we run Touchstone, the merchant acquiring benchmarking program running since 2009.

Edgar, Dunn & Company continues to deliver strategic advice and support implementation plans in the acquiring space.

Some of our recent assignments include:

  • Advised on reduction of CNP fraud and recommended systems and processes required to deliver the reduction.
  • For European acquirer, assessed alternative payments opportunities and development of go-to-market strategies.
  • Identifyed profitable merchant segments, and developing new distribution channels to more effectively reach them.

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